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Find persona images

Bring your personas to life.

Sitemap vs IA

The difference between a sitemap and an information architecture (IA).


Find the opportunities. Learn, listen, observe, uncover insights.

Metadata & Structured data

A beginner's guide on how to talk to search engines.

The loot. Tools & templates to save time, money, and energy.

Persona Maker


Tell the story of your user's pain and opportunities in an easy way.

Midjourney Persona Images


Find the perfect image for use with your personas.

Journey Map


Visualize your user's journey, opportunities along the journey and bring insights to life.

Axure Templates


Axure templates to jump start your projects

About UXLoot

UX process is a wonderful and complicated process of listening, learning, exploring, validating and doing it all again. That's why coming across tools, services, and templates that can help jump start activities can feel like finding gold! 💰

UXLoot strives to bring a curated experience filled with tools, techniques, tips and tricks across the UX stages. So you can focus on the users.

Loot canvas bag

UX Process. Learn about each stage of the journey.